Our history

A luxurious jewelry store

We are Sofiah

With Sofiah, we’ve built a smart, customizable jewelry line that grows with you. Our jewelry is the result of unique Swiss know-how. Crafted from the finest materials and gemstones, Sofiah jewelry is contemporary refined and can be altered to match your mood, wherever you are.

Simplicity as a source of beauty.

Precious metals

Our values

The world is our home and we are called to leave it better than we have found it. Everything we do, from creating sustainable products to building communities, is based on this principle. When you buy Sofiah jewelry, you are supporting our artisans and fostering the expression of jewelry in its purest form.

Our Philosophy

Sofiah is a Swiss brand of modular high jewelry which, in its modularity, allows you to live exactly as you are in a world of unlimited possibilities. We believe in the beauty, the simplicity, the strength and the importance of a detail. Our jewels are created to sublimate what is beautiful, that is to say you.



of beauty

Our dream
is to sublimate you,
A jewelry is above all a garment of memory and emotion

Sofiah was built with an idea, simplicity is the new form of luxury, that’s why we offer quality jewelry at the service of your beauty. Our jewels are vectors of memories. Print it remembering your emotions.

Our commitment

Create pure and simple modern jewelry

Whether you’re looking for minimalist earrings, statement pendants, or eye-catching necklaces, you’ll find something you’ll love.